In Development

What’s in the pipe for ABHF? Here are a few things we’re looking forward to working on, expanding the ABHF Universe of titles & intellectual properties.

Atomic Battle Hero Fighters Feature Film Script

The story of ABHF is HUGE and will take a feature film to encompass it all, so we’re commissioning a feature film script for production. Stay tuned for updates.

Atomic Battle Hero Fighters Video Game

Coming to a platform and device near you, the ABHF short film (Opening chapter) in video game form. Discussions are on going with to develop a Zelda styled RPG, a gun toting FPS, or a 2D side scrolling fighter game. Which will we choose? Will we get all three? there are upsides and pitfalls to each, so stay tuned for updates.

Atomic Battle Hero Fighters Animated mini-series

Let’s face it, the short is fun, but we all know there’s more to know about Alex’s adventure in the Nexis of the Multi-Verse, like learning he was IN the Nexis of the Multi-Verse! this limited episode series will cover the time when Alex arrives, to the point he learns the true nature of the book.

Atomic Battle Hero Fighters Novel

The devil is in the details, and there’s no better way to get details than in a book. What doesn’t fit in an animated series, a video game, and a feature film will definitely fit in a 300 page novel. This rip roaring action adventure will take you deep into the myth and lore of that encompass’s the Nexis of the Multi-Verse.